Olympics in th 1950’s . . .

What did you need to be a good athlete in the 1950’s?

You need to have good physique, great aptitude and a good technique to be a good athlete!

What new words have you learnt?

physique, aptitude and technique

Paraphrase in 40 words what you have learnt and list any athletes names that you have heard of before that they mention.

I have never herd of any of those athletes names. I learnt that to be a good runner you need long, strong, leen legs. To be a great athlete swimmer you need a good, strong body and well developed lungs.

Why do you think I chose this clip to watch?

So that we could learn about what makes a good athlete back in the 1950’s

One thought on “Olympics in th 1950’s . . .

  1. Well done, I think I can only see one spelling mistake, you did well, and it is even layed out very clearly.

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